Tummers Ladder Naar De Maan

New exhibitions in Atrium and Aad de Haas gallery

Schets van Ladder tegen de Maan, Nic. Tummers

New exhibitions will be on display in both the new Atrium and the Aad de Haas gallery from Thursday 30 November.

The Atrium, which will officially open in January, will host the exhibition Jacobs Dream, by Nic. Tummers, starting Thursday 30 November. Jacobs Dream shows how visual artist and architecture critic Tummers granted Heerlen a dream in the late 1950s. SCHUNCK's choice, in cooperation with Nics daughter Tamira Tummers, to show precisely this sculpture, puts the focus on a sculptor's first enthusiasm for his city. Thus a seed is sown for the rediscovery of Tummers' rich body of thought, which Heerlen still has much to offer. It is an invitation to dream aloud visually about Heerlen, in the hope that dreaming will bring us one step closer to reality. 

A variant of Tummers's sculpture Ladder against the Moon, produced especially for the exhibition, will rise in the Atrium alongside Tummers's own sculpture, various sketches and additional documentation. The Atrium is accessible with a museum ticket.

Aad de Haas: the artist, the human being

Also on view from 30 November is the new exhibition of work by and about artist Aad de Haas. De Haas worked from the forties until his untimely death in 1972 on an idiosyncratic and diverse oeuvre, consisting of paintings, drawings, graphics and some sculptures. 

In this exhibition SCHUNCK takes you along the four stylistic periods of De Haas on the basis of various paintings from the collection and photographs of murals. To give a picture of the eventful life of De Haas, Berend Vonk made a comic strip with several high and low points especially for the exhibition. On the basis of 22 drawings, the artist's life journey is portrayed. The documentary Letters to Heaven by De Haas' granddaughter, Zorba Huisman, takes visitors 'behind the scenes' of the life of the artist and his family. Huisman is a director and documentary filmmaker.

The grand opening of both exhibitions will take place later, on 25 January '24.

Aad De Haas Striptekening 2 Schunck

Berend Vonk, striptekening over Aad de Haas