Non-stop dancing at SCHUNCK during schrit_tmacher Festival

Visual artist Anouk Kruithof screened hours of dance footage on social media, eventually arriving at her video project Universal Tongue (2018-2021). For schrit_tmacher Festival, see the four-hour version in the hall of SCHUNCK Glaspaleis.

Kruithof is fascinated by dance as a form of self-expression and empowerment. She investigated how dance has developed throughout history as part of our global media culture, and how dance manifests itself online through social media platforms. Together with 52 researchers from around the world, she searched dance videos on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. They found 8,800 videos. The 250 hours of video material featuring 1,000 dance styles from all 196 countries around the world were compiled into Universal Tongue.

Universal Tongue

The continuous loop of moving images in this new 4-hour rousing video edition of Universal Tongue disregards country, continent or culture. Instead, it celebrates the richness of our cultural differences and looks at our era of fluidity and connectedness, respecting the value of our historical and cultural backgrounds and individuality. Universal Tongue is screened in various museums and presentation institutions around the world.

About schrit_tmacher Festival

schrit_tmacher Festival brings interesting dance art to (southern) Netherlands and the Euregion, with a keen eye for choreographers who are not or rarely to be seen in the Netherlands, even in Europe. Besides dance performances in Heerlen, Kerkrade, Aachen (D) and Eupen (B), the theme of dance during schrit_tmacher Festival will surprise audiences not only on the dance stages but also at the most unexpected locations in the city.

schrit_tmacher Festival runs from 28 February to 2 April 2023.