David Bade

SCHUNCK opens three new exhibitions on 12 November

On 12 November SCHUNCK will host the grand opening of no less than three new exhibitions.

A retrospective exhibition of David Bade's work will be on display in the museum gallery beginning in mid-November, Quentley Barbara's showcase will display his work, and Twan Hermans will have a cabinet presentation on the second floor. 

David Bade 

The exhibition In for life: 10 years of David Bade in Heerlen gives a glimpse of the enormous number of artworks (more than 100!) that David Bade has created from - and thanks to - the residents of Heerlen. In 2013, Bade entered into a collaboration with SCHUNCK for life. With the project 'David Bade draws down Heerlen' - a workshop/performance - he committed himself to return to Heerlen with some regularity throughout his life for its execution. Now it is high time for a retrospective in the form of an exhibition'.

Quentley Barbara 

Visual artist Quentley Barbara creates huge cardboard sculptures of the people who play important roles in his life, with the goal of sharing their stories to inspire others, as well as to support those portrayed. Barbara uses cardboard and duct tape to create his work, partly because he is amazed at the ease with which items and materials are discarded and thrown away in the Netherlands - unlike his home country of Curaçao. He often deliberately leaves imperfections behind, in part because it reflects human characteristics.

Quentley Barbara Schunck

Twan Hermans 

Twan Hermans received an honorable mention at the 2021 Euregional Architecture Prize. Until mid-December he has an exhibition at SCHUNCK, as part of the talent presentation 'Dreaming Out Loud'. Here young architects and visual artists from Limburg and the Euregion are put in the spotlight. Hermans shows some of the projects he has worked on in recent years. Think heritage from the Roman era, the Middle Ages and the mining era. Some of these projects are in progress, others are inspiring, or perhaps simply: Dreaming out Loud. 
On Sunday 12 November at 3:00 p.m., the three exhibitions will be festively opened in the lobby of the Glaspalei. Everyone is welcome to attend. You can register via this link.