Keith Haring 2022 Kleurwedstrijd

SCHUNCK organises colouring contest in the spirit of Keith Haring

The summer holidays are about to begin! To celebrate this SCHUNCK has set up a colouring contest, in the style of Keith Haring, together with the entrepreneurs of Heerlen. All children in Heerlen can participate.  

The colouring page has been distributed during the street chalk festival on Friday, July 15, and can be found at all the entrepreneurs below, and of course at SCHUNCK. Participation is not only fun, but also prizes will be handed out.

Kleurplaat SCHUNCK.png

what can you win?

- A yoga lesson for the whole class by Kwestie van Aandacht
- A grilled cheese sandwich + drink for the whole family at Pat's Tosti Bar
- A (children's) book of your choice from Boekhandel van der Velden van Dam
- A surprise from the Puzzle Prince (shop-in-shop at the bookshop)

The colouring page can be handed in at Pat's tosti bar, Saroleastraat 66 in Heerlen. You can hand it in until 29 July. Don't forget to write your contact details on the back.

entrepreneurs and schunck

The colouring page was made by Patrick Lourenssen.
The competition is made possible by the following entrepreneurs:

Top Copy
Kwestie van aandacht
Fidelio Arts & Culture
Swing Inn
Grey Haus
Bloemisterij Joko
Boekhandel van der Velde van Dam
Velvet Dream Dresses
Pats Tostibar
Delicious Store
Geluk van toen
Fly Conceptstore
Café Tess