Keith Haring Club Expo SCHUNCK Museum Heerlen

SCHUNCK presents art created by young people in the Keith Haring Club Expo

From 24 June, for a whole month, SCHUNCK will be showing the Keith Haring Club Expo. This special exhibition will be displaying works of art by pupils from Heerlen schools who have been inspired by Keith Haring. To coincide with the opening, there will also be the De Buitenhof x Keith Haring route.

The Keith Haring Club is comprised of secondary schools who, after visiting the Keith Haring: Grace House Mural exhibition, have set about making their own works of art. The exhibition at SCHUNCK consists of works from the following schools: Yuverta College, Bernardinuscollege, De Buitenhof, Stella Maris College, Compass College, Grotius College, Sintermeerten College, Eijkhagen College, De Vrolijkheid and De Nieuwe Thermen. The Keith Haring Club Expo can be seen in the Aad de Haas gallery of the Glaspaleis up until 24 July. Admission is free.

De Buitenhof art route
Pupils from De Buitenhof special needs school took on the challenge with relish. They made large-as-life cut-out figures, based on Keith Haring’s familiar icons. They painted these cut-out figures in bright colours, à la Keith Haring, and plastered them with materials that they found on the streets. They took the term ‘street art’ quite literally! Part of the final result can be seen in the Keith Haring Club Expo, the rest will be showcased in the shop windows of various stores in the centre of Heerlen from 28 June onwards.

Keith Haring de wijk in (‘Keith Haring in the community’)
In March of this year, SCHUNCK launched the challenge: Keith Haring de wijk in (or ‘Keith Haring in the community’). As part of this challenge, four schools, each under the guidance of an artist, have been working to create a permanent work of art for their school or neighbourhood, inspired by Keith Haring. Tarcisius primary school, together with artist Nieke Lemmen, has been working on man-sized figures and De Ganzerik primary school, along with artist Esther Bour, has been painting old car parts, just like Keith Haring. Pupils at the Broederschool primary school have been working on a light installation with artist Sándor Sinkò and De Buitenhof have made no fewer than 20 almost life-size representations which will be on show the whole of the summer in shops and stores throughout the city centre.