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SCHUNCK presents: lecture Peter Veenstra and Laura Ekasetya - Landscape works

Foto: Iwan Baan

On 22 and 23 September, Peter Veenstra and Laura Ekasetya will give a lecture on landscape architecture in the auditorium of SCHUNCK in Heerlen.  

The lecture, called Landscape works, takes place as part of the ongoing exhibition Landscape works with Piet Oudolf & LOLA: In search of Sharawadgi. The exhibition In Search of Sharawadgi showcases the ideas and dreams of Piet Oudolf and LOLA Landscape Architects. The lecture Landscape works gives an inside look at landscape architecture.

During the lecture, Laura Ekasetya, former head of Horticulture at the Lurie Gardens in Chicago, talks about her collaboration with Piet Oudolf during the realisation of the Lurie Gardens in Chicago. Within that collaboration, the central question was how gardens can remain a long-term success and what role people from the community play in it. Involving local people in projects like these is an important and topical theme within landscape architecture.

Laura Ekasetya.jpg

Laura Ekasetya

Peter Veenstra is a landscape architect and co-founder of LOLA Landscape Architects. Using examples of projects at home and abroad and the publication accompanying the exhibition, Veenstra will discuss the firm's working methods and vision during the lecture. He also talks about the cooperation with Piet Oudolf during the project in Etzenrade castle garden and the story and idea behind the exhibition in SCHUNCK.

Piet Oudolf & LOLA: In Search of Sharawadgi

The exhibition In Search of Sharawadgi brings together the ideas and dreams of Piet Oudolf and LOLA Landscape Architects. Piet Oudolf is the Netherlands' best-known garden designer. He realised famous projects such as the High Line in New York. LOLA Landscape Architects researches and designs new ways of dealing with 'Lost Landscapes', with an eye for human perspective. Pete and LOLA found in each other the perfect companion to realise their ideas.

The exhibition takes visitors on a journey, showing the transformation of public gardens and landscapes around the world. From the High Line in New York, Hauser & Wirth's gardens in Somerset, the Star Maze in Tytsjerk to Leisure Lane in Parkstad. The exhibition shows Piet Oudolf and LOLA's ultimate vision for the future: a world forest against global warming. A dream that can begin in anyone's garden, small or large. Travelling through the exhibition, they are joined by artists Joseph Beuys, Anne Geene, Geert Mul, Sanne Vaassen, Giuseppe Licari and Darcy Neven. The exhibition is on view until 17 October.

The lecture will be held on both 22 and 23 September, at 7:30 p.m., due to COVID measures in force. Tickets are on sale now at