Poefel Plaza 4

Simone Schuffelen - Poefel Plaza

Enjoy a COVID-proof bombastic art spectacle during Cultura Nova - Artist Simone Schuffelen.  

From 20 December to 24 January, the showcase of SCHUNCK Glaspaleis provides the stage for Poefel Plaza; a performance that will not leave you unmoved. It is a peepshow, a peekaboo and a theatre performance all in one. A warm, colourful and extravagant window display where you can enjoy a show where nothing is for sale.

According to artist Simone Schuffelen, Poefel Plaza is "...an oliebollenkraam without pastry, but with a deliciously soft filling. A bombastic, colourful memory lane" in which Schuffelen reflects on Cultura Nova's 30th anniversary.

Poefel Plaza 3

Schuffelen is a visual artist, but describes herself as an artist, comedian, multi-talent and full-time human and lover. Her work cannot be captured under one denominator. Sometimes she is drag queen Lady Louise, other times a singer with LosDQ. One thing is clear: the red line in her work is the personality of Simone herself. With absurdist advertisements in public spaces, swinging talk shows, once-in-a-lifetime dinners or festive, usually extravagant performances, Simone engages with the audience.

On several occasions, Schuffelen will appear in the showcase for an impromptu performance. But even in the artist's absence, the showcase invites you in as a colourful diorama full of surprises during the dark winter days.