David Bade bij SCHUNCK

Special art project SCHUNCK and Mondriaan

From 14 to 25 March, artist David Bade will hold public studio in the restaurant of mental health organisation Mondriaan in Heerlen.  

Psychiatry week

During Psychiatry Week, nationwide attention is paid to the fact that 1 in 4 people have a mental vulnerability. In Limburg, various activities are organised. This year, Mondriaan is joining the activities organised in Limburg as part of Psychiatry Week and has supported the organisation through sponsorship.

Recovery from mental vulnerability is a personal and unique process, a journey of discovery, not a straight road. Mondriaan is an important partner for the people in South Limburg going through this process. By participating in the Psychiatry Week, we contribute to this topic being discussed. Sharing vulnerabilities is strong and help comes in all shapes and sizes.

'David Bade draws Heerlen'

The public studio is part of the lifelong collaboration between SCHUNCK Museum and David Bade. This involves Bade returning to Heerlen on a regular basis during his life to draw diverse Heerlen people in ever-changing settings and environments. These works are added to the municipal collection managed by SCHUNCK. This creates an image archive that records the DNA of Heerlen. By purchasing the work of David Bade, SCHUNCK steps outside the walls of the museum and enters into a dialogue with the city and its inhabitants for a long time.

The artist and SCHUNCK want to continuously renew and develop the project: 'David Bade draws Heerlen under the table'. They achieve this, among other things, by entering into special collaborations, like this time with employees and clients of Mondriaan and the link with Psychiatry Week. The artist will talk to staff and clients and incorporate their stories into a painting.

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