SCHUNCK Atrium Kijkdepot bouwfase 2023

Start of canopy cover Art Depot

The roofing of the Art Depot has started 

The contours of the Art Depot are now becoming truly visible with the construction of the canopy. The metal frame will be installed first. From 15 March, the installation of the windows will follow. In three days, the glass canopy will be erected. This will give the patio, the open space between the music and dance school and the Glaspaleis a daylight-permeable roof and create the basis of the Atrium.

SCHUNCK Glaspaleis Glazen overkapping Kijkdepot Atrium Bouwfase 2023

The new construction transforms the patio into a fully-fledged exhibition space directly connecting the current SCHUNCK Museum with the Art Depot.

SCHUNCK Glaspaleis, Kijkdepot, Atrium, Bouwfase 2023
SCHUNCK Glaspaleis, atrium, kijkdepot, bouwfase 2023
SCHUNCK Glaspaleis Kijkdepot glazen overkapping bouwfase 2023