Schunck Dean Kisters

The many faces of post-industrial 'anti-city' Heerlen in a store window exhibition

From 7 February to 18 April 2021, SCHUNCK Museum presents the photo series UUME TUUT by artist Dean Kisters.

Dean Kisters (b. 1996) photographs mostly at night in the streets of Heerlen. In the twilight zone between sleeping and waking, he shows us the many faces of the post-industrial 'anti-city', both aboveground and underground. He captures reality as a personal observation with rakish and revealing gaze. At the same time, the coarse graininess and noise in his images evokes a cinematic and dreamlike atmosphere. In SCHUNCK's showcase, Kisters displays his new photo series UUME TUUT in monumental format.

Dean Kisters SCHUNCK.jpg

About Dean Kisters

Dean Kisters (born 1996) studies photography at Maastricht Institute of Arts and lives in Heerlen. He has a studio in PAND at Honigmannstraat 51-53 where he organises exhibitions, concerts and film screenings with fellow artists. Kisters is currently working as scriptwriter, director and editor on the fiction film Van de ratten begaffeld, shot in Heerlen, for the Heerlen-based film production company Cornfliks.

Young talent in SCHUNCK Museum

SCHUNCK Museum's programme line offers - among other things - a focus on talent development. Telling stories from the region is also an important part of SCHUNCK Museum's programme. Kisters, as a young artist in Heerlen, manages to draw the story of the city of Heerlen in UUME TUUT in his own unique way.