SCHUNCK Driver’s Seat 2021-2022 groep

We don't live forever anyway

Last year, the participants of Driver's Seat 2021-2022 worked on their own exhibition. From 1 May, the exhibition We Don't Live Forever Anyway with works from the SCHUNCK collection can be admired.

Driver's Seat 2021-2022 consists of Bibi, Veerle, Vera, Noha, Jules, Caro, Lisa, Ward, Shilo, Eefje, Lieve and Maureen. This edition, SCHUNCK's youth group decided to choose works by Aad de Haas from SCHUNCK's collection, and combine them with other artists from the collection. The Driver's Seat members explain their own choices in the accompanying texts - in this, they make themselves very vulnerable. They show how they link these particular combinations of artworks to their own lives and thoughts, what lessons they learn from artworks made long before they were born, or they share with us what they see with their eyes.

During the Driver's Seat trajectory, young people curate and create their own exhibition for a while. They also get to work with social media, introducing themselves and explaining their choices, and this batch even made the venue brochure themselves. Other than that, they remain mostly very creative.

We Don't Live Forever Anyway can be seen for free in the Aad de Haas Hall from 1 May 2022 (on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays).

SCHUNCK Driver's Seat 2021-2022 groep

Driver's Seat 2022/2023. Foto: Anne Jannes