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Party of Life

Credits: Gert Jan van Rooij

On 20 May, SCHUNCK will be hosting the Party of Life. The evening is being organised for and by young people and will be entirely devoted to Keith Haring. 


SCHUNCK Glaspaleis


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The Party of Life has been organised in collaboration with partners in the city, such as Outpoet (In2YourPlace), Driver’s Seat, HFC, 220 VOLT, 6400 NAGI and Het Genootschap. Each partner will be responsible for part of the programme. There will be live music, a DJ, an exhibition, the spoken word, and live painting, and designs inspired by Keith Haring will be presented by 220 VOLT and 6400 NAGI. The name alludes to Keith Haring’s Party of Life. Haring’s illustration was used as a ticket for admission to his Party of Life exhibition in 1985.

The closing piece of Party of Life at 9.30 pm is HFC’s 10 Years Jam on Pancratiusplein, part of the national breakdance contest. Details of the after-party and other events to follow.

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