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SeX WAR MOTHeR: an exhibition created and curated by the youngsters of Driver's Seat.


Raadhuis, Geleenstraat 25 Heerlen


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SCHUNCK's youth group, known as Driver's Seat, has passionately and diligently put together an exhibition all its own, inspired by the SCHUNCK collection. The result is the extraordinary exhibition: SeX WAR MOTHeR. 

About Driver's Seat and SeX WAR MOTHeR 

After months of intensive and creative collaboration, Driver's Seat is proud to present the exhibition SeX WAR MOTHeR. This exhibition can be admired from 14 June to 31 December 2024 at the town hall in Heerlen. 

Driver's Seat comments: 

"Driver's Seat is SCHUNCK's youth group. Through various activities, we explore the museum world. This time, we used the SCHUNCK collection as a basis to put together our own exhibition. Our choice fell on the title ‘SeX WAR MOTHeR’, because it perfectly reflects the underlying themes of our selection."

What can you expect? 

"Our exhibition shows a diverse selection of our favourite artworks from the SCHUNCK collection, linked to the themes Sex, War and Mother. You can make your voice heard by voting for each artwork whether you think it fits the theme Sex, War, or Mother. You do this by colouring a red dot on the voting form next to the artwork. 

During the exhibition, we invite you to debate your choices with us."

Come along and experience SeX WAR MOTHeR!

SCHUNCK Driver's Seat 2023-2024

Would you also like to join Driver's Seat? 

Are you aged between 16 and 21 and interested in art? Do you want to form your creative opinion and take your place in the art world? Then Driver's Seat is for you! Find out more about our youth group here