Marie Frioni SCHUNCK Dreaming out loud

Dreaming Out Loud: From mining town to water city

31 Mar 2023 - 18 Jun 2023

'Dreaming Out Loud' is a series focusing on young designers and artists who hardly have a stage yet in Limburg and the Euregion. This year it is the turn of Marie Frioni (BE), who won the third prize of the Euregional Architecture Prize in 2015. 


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Coal exploitation accelerated the urban development of Eisden Dorp and, by extension, Maasmechelen. The coal mine provided a lot of work, attracting young men, and later their families, to settle in faraway Belgium. Building plans for completely new residential areas rolled off the drawing board at a rapid pace. However, coal mining was short-lived. One hundred years later, with the closure of the coal mine, Maasmechelen is left orphaned as an unfinished town. Today, further parceled out to accommodate its multicultural population.

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Problems like this call for creative and forward-looking solutions. Just as the exploitation of coal led to an urbanisation process, water, another form of natural wealth, can become the leitmotif for the further spatial development of Maasmechelen. In her exhibition, Marie Frioni, architect-partner at Architectuur Depot and granddaughter of Luigi Frioni (IT), miner at the Eisden coal mine, presents a number of projects she has had the opportunity to collaborate on over the past seven years. Among the themes: Water mining - water as a product, Water tourism - green/blue tourism and finally Water as a leitmotif for urban development. Some of these are projects in realisation, others are inspirational studies or perhaps just "dreaming out loud".


On 17 May, Marie Frioni will give a lecture on her work in and around Maasmechelen (BE). The lecture is online and in English. The digital walk-in is at 7:15 p.m. and the lecture starts 7:30 p.m. Check here for more info.

Dreaming Out Loud

'Dreaming Out Loud' puts young architects and visual artists from Limburg and the Euregion in the spotlight. Every two years, a student or graduate talent from the region is invited to put together a cabinet presentation and present themselves to the public.