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Rooftop Tour

SCHUNCK provides guided tours for the Heerlen Rooftop Project. With this tour you'll learn all about the background of the project and its effect on the environment. The free Rooftop Tours take place every last Sunday of the (summer) month, led by a professional tour guide. There are even two on Sunday 25 September, with an extra edition at 3:00 p.m. 


Q-Park Putgraaf


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Plant pots full of herbs, vegetables, edible flowers and seating areas will together provide an incredible setting, with panoramic views of Heerlen’s roofscape. To find out more about this project and its urban surroundings, four Rooftop tours have been organised this summer, on the last Sunday of each month.

About the tour

The tour starts in the foyer of SCHUNCK Glaspaleis. Local guide Jenny Kranendonk will first of all show you around a small exhibition in the Glaspaleis, before going on to the roof of Q-Park car park in Putgraaf. Here you will be given background information about the rooftop design created by Selvatico, an architects’ collective, whereby the garden has been be partitioned into so-called green rooms to promote biodiversity and bring nature into the city. Afterwards, Jenny - against the backdrop of the city’s rooftops - will give a short history of Heerlen.  

Practical information

Length: 1.5 hours 

There is space for 20 participants. Prior registration is not needed. First come, first served! We will assemble in the foyer of SCHUNCK Glaspaleis at 3:00 p.m. The Rooftop tour will be cancelled in the event of bad weather.

The heerlen rooftop project
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Design roof garden Putgraaf
Selvatico, Amsterdam

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VOC real estate
IBA Parkstad Limburg

De Moestuinman
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