Overdracht Rooftop Daktuin Van Schunck Naar Gemeente Heerlen

City of Heerlen commissions roof garden Heerlen Rooftop Project sequel for three years

In June 2022, the roof garden of the 'Heerlen Rooftop Project' opened on the roof of Q-Park Putgraaf. This parking deck was successfully transformed temporarily into a small-scale urban farming garden to both bring more nature into the city and draw attention to pressing issues such as climate, heat stress and loss of biodiversity in the city centre.

On Thursday 31 August, SCHUNCK handed over the baton of this project to the city of Heerlen to further shape the roof garden for at least three years. The Vereniging Stadstuin will take charge of managing the roof garden.

Green crown

With the further development of the roof garden on the Putgraaf, the focus remains on the theme of climate, heat stress and greenery in an urban environment. The garden is currently divided into green rooms that encourage biodiversity and thus bring nature into the city. To give more visibility to the greenery, a green crown will be created along the edges, which can be seen by everyone from the street. A real asset for the city!

Rooftop Daktuin Augustus 2023

Adopt a vegetable garden

One of the plans for the roof garden is to create vegetable gardens. These vegetable gardens can then be adopted by city centre residents without gardens.

On 31 August, alderman Casper Gelderblom symbolically took over the baton from SCHUNCK and gave a glimpse of the future plans for the roof garden of the Heerlen Rooftop Project: "We want to further develop the roof garden into a beautiful meeting place for Heerlen residents. We want to use the roof garden to encourage young children to be more engaged with the topic of climate. The roof garden can also serve as a place for nature education, where we can use the principle of soil to mouth in one school year."