Hallo Angst David Bade X Mondriaan

Art piece of the month: David Bade, Hello fear, 2022

Every month we choose a piece of art from the SCHUNCK collection that inspires us, fascinates us or engages us in another way. Art that is too beautiful not to share. In August, project leader Hanna Zwart does the honours. She chose Hallo fear (2022), a work by David Bade.  

In Hello fear, a work of art by visual artist David Bade (Willemstad (Curaçao), 1970), the profound complexity of emotions becomes tangible, inspired by the personal stories of patients, volunteers, staff and other people involved in Mondriaan mental health services.

Exploring the human experience: Hello fear by David Bade

This artwork, called Hello fearby David Bade, captures this profound experience in a vivid display of several canvases, painted with acrylic paint on a wooden frame. Created during the Week of Psychiatry in 2022 at Mondriaan mental health care's main location in Heerlen, Hello fear offers a reflection on the human psyche and the emotions intertwined with it.

A lifelong connection with Heerlen: David Bade draws down Heerlen

Since 2013, Bade has maintained a close relationship with Heerlen, which comes together in the project David Bade draws down Heerlen. In collaboration with SCHUNCK, he depicts the city, with its residents at the centre of it, in remarkable portraits that will be integral to the municipal art collection. The spirit of Heerlen is reflected in Hello fear, an artwork as inviting and fearless as the city itself.

An artist of infinite expression

David Bade, an artist whose expression knows no bounds, has expressed himself in various art forms. From drawings to paintings and sculptures to installations, he fully embraces his artistic freedom. His works merge materials, techniques and emotions, and are characterised by an explosion of colour, chaos and humour, accompanied by sharp social criticism.

The House of Emotions and a tenth anniversary

The close relationship between David Bade and the mental health sector permeates his entire oeuvre. He has worked with mental health care organisations many times before, including in Curaçao and in Rotterdam. This bond is now further strengthened in collaboration with SCHUNCK, Mondriaan mental health care and visual theatre festival Cultura Nova. Together, they created the House of Emotions, a pavilion connecting art and mental health care. The mini museum will be on display at the Cultura Nova festival from 26 August to 3 September 2023. The pavilion displays works by Mondriaan's clients and staff, aiming to break taboos and encourage difficult conversations.

After the House of Emotions opens its doors on Cultura Nova's festival square, Hello fear will be on display in our museum later this year as part of a retrospective in honour of David Bade's ten-year presence in Heerlen. Throughout this autumn, visitors will have the opportunity to dive deep into his multifaceted and bold works, a journey of discovery through human emotions and experiences.

Art as a force for change and connection

With works such as Hello fear and the House of Emotions, David Bade continues to bridge the gap between art, emotions and people. His creations go beyond visual masterpieces and act as powerful catalysts for change, understanding and connection.