Boris Dieleman Badeklasse Schunck

Introducing Badeklasser Boris Dieleman

Boris Dieleman is a ‘creator’ in every sense of the word. The young artist’s creations come in every shape and size. His preferred medium is storytelling, both in relation to himself and about others too. How he does this varies from week to week.

Boris discovered his love for art as a teenager. Having been given an analogue camera by his father, he would head off outdoors and take pictures with it, often in the woods. Neither did his talent for drawing go unnoticed amongst his teachers at secondary school. He was often told, ‘You should put your talents to good use’. And so it was, he ended up at art school where he graduated as an ‘independent creator’ in 2020, slap bang in the middle of the first lockdown. He now works as an artist, for some of the time at a museum. That requires some degree of focus, since combining employed and freelance work as an artist can be quite a challenge.

Badeklasse X Mike Moonen

Boris is the only male in the class this time around and one of the youngest too. It’s not an issue at all, he says, just another pleasant surprise. “Everyone is open and receptive to the ideas of others. Life experience doesn't really matter so much in this respect – that always amazes me. It’s all about the people who do it.”

Stories of the night time can be sent to Boris via Postbus 326, 6130 AH, Sittard.

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