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Muna Tseng to give a unique performance at SCHUNCK

Foto: Nan Melville

At 7:00 pm on Tuesday, 8 March, in the museum gallery, a unique - closed - performance is being given by dancer and choreographer Muna Tseng. Keith Haring worked with her on the dance presentation Epochal Songs, which premiered in New York in 1982. 

To mark the 40th anniversary of the Epochal Songs performance, Muna Tseng will be appearing in a new light installation, designed by light designer Thomas Dunn, composers Bruce Tovsky and Tracy Wuischpard and costume designer Stefani Mar. This performance is being staged in collaboration with schrit_tmacher just dance! festival.

Muna Tseng.jpeg

Muna Tseng, photo: Sharom Alouf

Muna Tseng X Keith Haring

This year marks 40 years since the two young artists Muna Tseng and Keith Haring created Epochal Songs. To celebrate this anniversary, Muna Tseng is not just giving an exclusive performance at SCHUNCK, but is also creating - in collaboration with theatre and light designer Thomas Dunn - an installation based on the original dance performance.

The installation shows a flowing sequence of Keith Haring's drawings on sixty-four LED screens. Bruce Tovsky and Tracy Wuischpard created a new music score especially for this installation.

Check here for more information and the live stream.