New exhibitions opened at SCHUNCK

12 Nov 2023

12 November saw the grand opening of three new exhibitions at SCHUNCK.

The +1 has opened the cabinet presentation of Twan Hermans, who received an honorable mention at the 2021 Euregional Architecture Prize. His presentation - as part of the recurring series 'Dreaming Out Loud' - shows some of the projects the architect has worked on in recent years. Some of these projects are in progress, others are more 'Dreaming out Loud'.

Quentley Barbara

The store window now features the work of visual artist Quentley Barbara. The huge cardboard sculptures symbolize the people who play an important role in his life. During the interview on stage today, he talked about how he has experienced his time in Heerlen so far: "I have a good feeling about Heerlen. During the build-up, I noticed a lot of interest from the people on the street. It really felt like a studio." In the store window display, we see 'heads' of family members, such as his late grandmother at the entrance. "Two other portraits are of my friends. One of them got MS after we came to Holland together. This is my tribute to him," Quentley told us. When asked what he still wishes for the future, he replied, "I want to develop further as a human being, to the level of my teacher (David Bade). And higher, haha."

David Bade

In recent months, the museum gallery has been transformed into a colorful place, full of memories and at the same time a place for new experiences. For the exhibition 'In for life: 10 years of David Bade in Heerlen' not only gives a glimpse of the enormous number of artworks David Bade has created from - and thanks to - the inhabitants of Heerlen, but also invites you to participate. Bade was asked this afternoon how he likes being connected to Heerlen for life. "It's a unique relationship, honorable, and at the same time distinctive in the field of culture. I have had so many memorable encounters in these ten years that it was hard to choose. I have also never had such a long build-up to an exhibition, I had to choose from more than 100 works. It moved me, all those encounters. I have a memory like a sieve, now everything came up again. I met so many lovely people."

"The exhibition is also really about humanity. The people often don't look, sometimes the people portrayed are shocked when they see themselves, haha. But it's about the story behind it, the narrative. And that remains special to do. I'm only there for a short while, and it is unique that we can capture people in such a way. It really creates an archive of the city."

Bade presented the mayor of Heerlen, Roel Wever, with a new work during the opening. The provisional title is 'Elephant in the Room'.

David Bade and Quentley Barbara's exhibitions are on view through 10 March. Dreaming Out Loud by Twan Hermans has been extended through January.