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'Noeste Arbeider' from Beersdaal in open-air exhibition in The Hague

During Voorhout Monumentaal, David Bade's sculpture 'Noeste Arbeider' ('Diligent Worker') can be seen on Lange Voorhout from 3 June to 20 August.  

David Bade Noeste arbeider.jpeg

The sculpture was made of steel and foam, clay with a polyurea and colour coating was used. It was produced as part of the project David Bade draws Heerlen (edition #4 in 2015 and #6 in 2016).

The sculpture was originally made for the Beersdal neighbourhood in Heerlen. Local residents participated in workshops on parts of this sculpture. The bent posture with stick refers to hard work in the mines, a pump reminiscent of the well, the dark side dark but always fighting and the outboard motor powerfully forward. Everything is a tribute to the hard work, the families and families who still remember and can tell about it.

On 3 June, Princess Beatrix opened the open-air exhibition Voorhout Monumentaal on Lange Voorhout in The Hague of which the sculpture is part. The work will remain in The Hague throughout the exhibition period (on loan from Gemeente Heerlen).