David Bade Levenslang 9406s

SCHUNCK presents festival Frictions

With the exhibition In for life: 10 years of David Bade in Heerlen, comes a fitting side program. This program takes shape in Frictions: a festival that takes place every month for one day in SCHUNCK Glaspaleis and on location.

David Bade has won countless hearts in Heerlen with his works of art. The retrospective exhibition at SCHUNCK focuses on the works of Heerlen people that Bade has made during these years.

Frictions focuses on deepening, meeting and entering each other's world. The festival is entirely dedicated to community-organized activities, such as collaborations with local initiatives, social organizations and creative groups in Heerlen. In line with David Bade's exhibition, the basic emotions of happy, scared, angry and sad take center stage.

First edition

On December 14, the kickoff is with the theme 'sad'. Knitting or crocheting Heerlen residents contributed a thread to the crying shawl, by knitting the letter U on each of their small shawls. The shawl is complemented by a literary program curated by PANDA, offering comfort at the end of the shawl.

Radio producer Martje Schoemaker leads the audience through a program consisting of performances and readings by regional heroes and literary luminaries. These include Het Belangrijke Genootschap, as well as writer and radio producer Dennis Gaens, who will talk with writer and dramatist Selm Wenselaers about grief and comfort, after their performance. We get a sneak peek from Octavie Wolters' book, and Abu Bakarr Sidikie Mansaray closes with a word of hope. Composer and musician Reggy van Bakel frames the evening with electronic ambient.

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Frictions in December