Marie Frioni SCHUNCK Dreaming out loud

SCHUNCK presents: Marie Frioni (BE)

On the first floor at SCHUNCK, you will find a cabinet presentation as part of Dreaming Out Loud, by architect and former Euregional Architecture Prize (EAP) winner Marie Frioni.  

'Dreaming Out Loud' puts young architects and visual artists from Limburg and the Euregion in the spotlight. Two or three times a year, a student or graduate talent alternately from the discipline of Architecture or Fine Arts from the Euroregion is invited to put together a cabinet presentation and present themselves to the public. This spring it is the turn of Marie Frioni (BE), who won the third prize of the Euregional Architecture Prize in 2015 and is now based and working in the Euregion with her partners.

In this video, she talks in more detail about some of the projects she shows in her presentation at SCHUNCK.