Kunstdepot Schunck Heerlen

Art depot exhibition

26 January t/m 8 September 2024

In this first presentation in the Art Depot, the focus is on looking. The displayed selection of artworks from the SCHUNCK collection are at first glance very different from each other, but they have in common that there is more to see than initially thought.


SCHUNCK Glaspaleis


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With some works of art you have to look very closely to see what is actually depicted or what material a painting is made of. Think of the embroidered photograph by Berend Strik, the voluminous work by Tom de Groot from which the paint seems to be dripping, or the mystical portrait by Rik Meijers. They evoke associations with something you may have seen somewhere before or, on the contrary, they give a completely new image of something you did not yet know. Han Schuil's aluminum work, for example, refers to a detail of an already existing image. Is it an abstract circle, or the eye of a cartoon character after all?

Windows and frames

Sometimes there are works of art that function as windows on another world, other times they are literally paintings of windows. Roger Raveel painted an approaching cloud of doom seen from a window, while Piet Dieleman's abstract work merely gives the impression of a frame of glass. Other works direct your gaze in a certain direction and allow you to 'look along' with the artist, as it were, such as Mirror Image by Ad Gerritsen. There are also works of art that play with visual perception: they influence your gaze or put you on the wrong track. The very realistic paintings by Arnout Kilian or Ina van Zyl seem almost lifelike, and the stretched rope on the canvas by Lieven Hendriks is, on closer inspection, an illusion of depth and shadow in paint.

Will you look and discover with us?

About the Art Depot

The Art Depot gives a look behind the scenes of the museum. It is both museum storage and presentation place for artworks from SCHUNCK's public collection. The Art Depot consists of three different rooms, each with a different exhibition. Two rooms together form a temporary exhibition that changes every six months, like this one. In the third room there is room for the exhibition that is curated by a guest. This changes four times a year; sometimes it is the turn of a different guest ('The selection of'), sometimes the space is used for projects. The first exhibition in this series will be curated by Emile Roemer.

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