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Art piece of the month: Fiona Lutjenhuis

Every month, curator Virginia Hameleers chooses an art piece from the SCHUNCK collection that inspires her, fascinates her or concerns her in another way. Art that is too beautiful not to share. In the month of June, that is the current mural in the staircase: Sideways Universe.  

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"Currently on display in the staircase of SCHUNCK is the mural Sideways Universe by Fiona Lutjenhuis. Inspired by the storylines and drawing styles from comic strips, Lutjenhuis takes us along her thoughts. It is an ongoing personal exploration of life and death, extraterrestrial life and supernatural powers, among other things, originally prompted by her parents from the sect to which they belonged. By drawing and painting her ideas, she tries to get a picture of the truth, her own truth. Walking through the staircasel, you get inspired by the way she turns this research into images. There are so many details to see that something new and different stands out each time. You will learn more about the murals on the first floor of the stairwell: in fact, there is a video there in which Lutjenhuis talks more about her work," Virginia says.

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Also something to definitely look forward to: Lutjenhuis is now exploring the possibility of performing its own version of a piece of music with a choir. The choir will literally be clad in robes that are simultaneously paintings, using the Sideways Universe mural as a starting point.

"The murals in the staircase belong to a special collection line in which we annually invite an artist to realise a work in the staircase, which will be included (partially) in the collection. We receive a financial contribution from the Mondriaan Fund for its execution as well as for its inclusion in the collection."

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