Opening Bertien van Manen april 2023

Inspired by Bertien van Manen: SCHUNCK programmes films, lectures and more

Opening Bertien van Manen april 2023

From 18 April to 3 September, the museum is dedicated to the exhibition Gluckauf, with works by Bertien van Manen. Around the works from Gluckauf and the general theme 'photography' SCHUNCK organises several activities.  

As usual, there is a free Sunday guided tour on every last Sunday of the month. In this tour, a professional guide will take you through the exhibition, in this case Gluckauf, and give you additional information about the maker, the works and the story behind them.


Not only will a 55-minute film - Let's Sit Down Before We Leave (1995) - be shown ín the exhibition, but film evenings will also be organised around the theme. On 15 June, for instance, we will show the film Pride. A true feel-good story about the London LGSM (Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners) during times of the British miners' strike. We discuss the film after with Queer Park City.

In July and August, come and watch the film Coalmining Women (1981) on three different dates. In this documentary by Elizabeth Barret, women miners in the US tell why they work in a traditionally male-dominated industry. An extraordinary document on women women as drivers of social change in today's society.

Get creative

On 16 July, children will get creative with photos during this special edition of Get Creative* at SCHUNCK. The children will visit the exhibition and then get to show their own creativity in photography. Anyone (from 6 years old) may participate, registration is required.


On 30 April, professor Linda Duits will give a lecture on the female gaze, or female perspective. What exactly is it? Why is it so important? And how is it expressed in art and popular culture? She links her lecture to the works of Bertien van Manen.

On 3 September, it is Arjen van Prooijen's turn. He gives the lecture 'When is photography art?' (in Dutch). The title says it all, Van Prooijen will elaborate on the questions: 'What makes us consider a photograph a work of art? What criteria are important here, and how did people view this in the 19th century?'

Over the coming months, the programme will be further expanded. Keep an eye on our website.